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June 17, 2003
Alright, so it's been over a year since I updated. Hope to see you people at A-kon 13? Well, instead let's say I hope I saw you people at A-kon 14. I had a very busy school year and trying to get my Chii costume ready. Yeah no pictures of Chii yet either. I've even forgotten how to read my own html! My message board no longer exists. I'm a lovely webhostess don't you know? =^_^= *watches her sentence drip with sarcasm* ... I hope to be completely revamping this site sometime soon, and to start taking commissions. Until that point I might put some stuff on ebay.
April 3, 2002
I finally have the commissions section up, though I can't currently take any. I've added a few links to the links page. And currently, I'm trying to figure out how to do my ring for the Galadriel costume... was thinking about buying one off of ebay. However, they are the wrong size and are fake silver. Somehow it just doesn't seem quite right... great I get to attempt making a silver ring for the first time. No, I'm not kidding, and yes I can get to the equipment to do that (art club has perks yes?). I'm hard at work preparing my cosplay for A-kon 13, hope to see you people there. ^_^

March 28, 2002
Just a minor change to update. The Ironcat costume was temporarily removed from the costumes section at request, due to the element of surprise needed in my group's cosplay skit. Other than that, I have my message board up now and my links page. However, more links will be added and I'll get that commissions section up sometime too.

March 26, 2002
Welcome to my first website! ^_^ I still don't have everything finished... namely getting the message board up there, the links page, or commissions page. The commissions page probably won't be up for awhile because I'm extremely busy with school work and trying to get my own and my friends costumes finished for Project A-kon 13. We're planning a cosplay that actually requires a couple weekend practices too. Hopefully I'll be able to take sewing commissions soon though. As for the message board, I just have to find a free one to download. The links page, well, I'm still collecting links from everyone that would like to be on it. Come back soon ^_^
Updates Costumes Commissions Artwork Profile Message Board Links Main